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Short Breaks & Weekends



Alpine Learning Curves have always taken pride in the fact we treat our clients as individuals and in offering flexible programmes whenever and wherever we can.

In recognition of the fact that the standard ski week is now beyond many people’s budget with the economy as it is, we are offering clients the following options in an attempt to make weekend breaks and/or low season holidays a viable option:

For low season (4th– 23rd Dec then 7th Jan – 4th Feb) we are offering 5x2hr group lessons for 210 Euros per person (15 Euros less than normal price).

To set up a 5x2hr course we need a minimum of 3 compatible clients.

Weekend & Wednesday Workshops!

Every Wednesday & Saturday afternoon Alpine Learning Curves are setting up Workshops for Skiers, Boarders & Telemarkers who can’t slot into group lessons based on ski-weeks but don’t really want to go to the expense of private lessons either.

Workshops run with a maximum of 8 people but WE ONLY NEED TWO COMPATIBLE CLIENTS to set one up!

Ski with a top qualified British Instructor for as little as 40 Euros!

3 hour Workshops will have on snow video feedback included free! 

Want more than one lesson?

We only need two compatible clients to set up a group for up to 3x2hrs

Even if you are arriving mid-week!

Checkout our web-site for more details!


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