5 Must Have Items for Your Winter Holiday:

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5 Must Have Items for Your Winter Holiday:

Forget about Go-Pros & GPS’s or whatever this year’s fad gadget may be! Here are 5 must have items when you are packing for your ski/board holiday:

  1. Proper unribbed ski socks. These are by far the best way of making unfamiliar ski boots comfy. Once your shins or toes are bruised they will be a nightmare for the rest of the holiday so don’t go there!
  2. A hat: keeps you warm when it’s cold and keeps the sun of when it’s hot. A no brainer.
  3. Gloves. Learners fall over a lot and these will protect your hands which tend to be the first thing to hit the snow.
  4. Sunglasses & Goggles (yes both).  They don’t need to be trendy but go for the best quality you can afford. They will protect your eyes from the sun at altitude and help you see in bad weather. Imagine driving without any windscreen or wipers!
  5. Sunscreen. The air is thinner at altitude and the sun’s rays are stronger. Go for a brand with high UVA & UVB protection. Even if it isn’t sunny the sunlight is being reflected off the snow and the power is double.

So when you are deciding what to squeeze into your case and what to sacrifice remember these five things will earn their space over the next few days – even if you have to leave the Kindle at home (hopefully you won’t have time to read!)….

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