5 Annoying Things On The Slopes

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5 Annoying Things On The Slopes

There are so many wonderful things about being in the mountains but let’s be honest, when the slopes are crowded it’s hard not to be frustrated by:

  • People who clatter into lift lines at breakneck pace – literally! Scaring other people or using them as a crash barrier is NOT funny, it’s downright dangerous. If you want to look cool make your spray stop well off to one side where there is plenty of margin for error.
  • People who make their way to the front of the queue ….. and then wait for their mates to catch up before mounting the lift. Meanwhile 4 man & 6 man chairs are going up half full!! If you want to go up with your friends, then pleeeeease, get together before going through the lift ticket barriers. But honestly, most uplift in Les Gets takes 5-10 minutes, can you bare to be separated that long?
  • Similarly we all like a nice clear landing area when we dismount at the top. So why do some people think this is the ideal place to start fiddling with goggles & hats, or stand poring over a piste map? Just move off a couple of metres to the left or right and give the next guy off a break!
  • People who stop half way down a piste in the middle. You would never just stop your car in the middle of the road (would you?) Or park on a blind bend? So use the same common sense on the piste and make sure you pull in to the side and where you can see and be seen by oncoming skiers.
  • Large classes being traversed all the way across and back as they descend a steep run. This does not allow anyone else room to negotiate their way down and makes the students sitting ducks for out of control skiers. I reckon if the class need more than half the slope width to work their way down, they are probably on too steep a slope for them. OK there can be mitigating circumstances – unexpectedly poor conditions, one student has a confidence crisis half way down or the instructor has an exceptionally large class to monitor. But I reckon with a bit of thought there are much better ways to manage all of these situations than inconveniencing everyone else and making the class unnecessarily vulnerable.

Phew! I feel so much better now I’ve got that off my chest! What makes your blood boil when really all you want to do is chill out on the slopes?

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