Poleplant, hand, arm carriage and pole use

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Poleplant, hand, arm carriage and pole use

Chapter 12 Poleplant Pole use, poleplant Why do we carry poles around with us? The answer is many fold and they help us with: Balancing Timing Perception And many other complex things along with the obvious uses of pushing us along the flats or up... Read more

The mountain have done a great job this season – Thanks

Thanks – a round of applause for the mountain Sa-Gets have done a great job this season Well I think I said this earlier in the year but no one would say it has been a classic snowy season this year! I can count on... Read more

Equipment issues – yours holding you back?

Chapter 11 Equipment Issues? Equipment Issues while skiing and Telemarking.. …there’s a chance it just may not be you or your fault All the micro-adjustments that can be made to equipment are akin to setting up a car to drive (See Relating to Other Sports), rear... Read more

Racers; copy the best?

Chapter 10 copy what Racers do? The Racers Perspective Verses a recreational skier’s I have been very lucky in my career in Snow sports and have met many professionals and influences along the way. I’ve used the word racer but you can also think any... Read more